Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The baby blanket slog continues. It won't be done by Friday, but now I'm hoping for next Friday! And then I'm going to knit something lacy!!!!

Or maybe socks -- I joined the Mean Girls Yarn Club and got my first shipment a couple days ago.

MGYC Aunt Sarah's Pussies

The colorway is called Aunt Sarah's Pussies, in honor of Si and Am, the naughty cats in Lady and the Tramp. Along with the yarn, there was a pretty little stitch marker, a DPN case, and a kitty-shaped lollipop that I'm a little bit afraid to taste!


In non-knitting news, last Saturday night I got to see my favorite Texas musician, Robert Earl Keen, perform here in Iowa City, for free! He was the Saturday night featured act at the Iowa Arts Festival. It rained all morning, and it sure looked like it would rain later, too, but it didn't -- the weather was gorgeous!

Robert Earl Keen
I moved up to the side of the stage to take a few pictures, and I swear that the second after I took this, he looked right at me and smiled - but neither my camera nor I was quick enough to get a second shot!

Three friends went with me, and I was afraid I would be the only REK fan there, but there were obviously a number of people there who knew him. At most REK concerts, I cringe when I see too many A&M t-shirts -- Robert Earl's an Aggie and sometimes his fellow alumni can be kind of obnoxious at concerts. This time, though, I was thrilled to see the maroon, since I knew it meant I wasn't there alone! In fact, during the day, I even wore the maroon t-shirt I got when SCC was in College Station a few years ago.

I was able to replace my Road Goes On Forever bumper sticker (my previous one was in shreds), but I didn't stand in line to get Robert Earl's autograph -- the line was pretty long, which made me happy, too. My sister had gotten an autographed copy of his book for me a few months ago, so it seemed sort of redundant. Although in retrospect -- how cool would it have been to have his autograph on my bumper sticker? Of course, I probably wouldn't have put it on my car then!

* * * * *

There was a request for a photo of the leaves of my mystery tree -- does this help?




Bezzie said...

Oh that tree--does it give off seed pods? I remember seedy pody type trees with those leaves in AK and MI.

Ah baby blanket schlog. Is there no greater chore? It will be worth it!

Chris said...

Ugh - it's been WAY too long since I took dendrology. Here's partway through a tree leaf id key. Your tree has pinnately compound leaves in an alternate leaf arrangement.

Steven said...

Love that yarn colorway -- especially the name. "We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don't please." Did you know that Peggy Lee wrote that song? I believe she was the one singing it in the movie, too. There are worse songs that you could have stuck in your head all day!

Linda the Sister said...

REK!!!! Hey, I'm glad you got your new bumper sticker. I hope I can pick one up on 4th of July when we see him. (And where the Aggies will be out in full obnoxious pointy-toed-boots force!)

He was so sweet at that book signing. Such a nice guy. :)