Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The October Lady Sweater is done!

My goal was to have my February Lady Sweater finished by October 1 (hence the name), and I did it! I wore it to work today, September 30.

It's made from Brooks Farm Mas Acero (wool/silk/viscose) and I had heard that it grew when soaked. Boy, did it! But that's okay - it's really about the length I thought I wanted it.

October Lady Sweater
(Rav'ed here.)

I'm really happy with it -- it's nice and soft and except for one wonky button hole, I think it turned out great!

Sorry about the crappy picture, taken in the restroom at work. I don't really have a mirror at home that works for this. Of course, I'm not sure how well the staff restroom works, either!


Bezzie said...

Love it! Love that color! And no one walked in on your photo session at work?

Chris said...

It turned out great! *makes additional mental notes about FLS growing when blocked*

Steven said...

It's lovely, Janna!

Rebekah said...

It looks absolutely beautiful! Love the color.

linda the sister said...

So pretty! Congratulations! It's just gorgeous! (I can't believe it's sweater weather up there - it must've been in the 90s today here. YUCKO.)

paula said...

the color is really nice. Great job!