Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bullets and No Pictures

  • I'm exhausted. "Spring forward" always kicks my butt, and this Saturday night was particularly bad. Due to multiple airline-induced delays, I was up until 4:30 Sunday morning.
  • Those airline-induced delays were because I was in Albuquerque for a conference last week. I've been to ABQ four times, always for conferences, but I'd really like to go back for a real vacation some time. It reminds me of San Antonio.
  • Speaking of San Antonio, my family and I leave for a visit there this Friday. It probably means I'll be up until about 4:30 Saturday morning; I'm really too old to do that twice in 8 days.
  • My San Antonio knitting project will be the incredibly boring blanket, which has been languishing at 40% complete since the Olympics.
  • Before I leave, I want to finish my Bougainvillea socks, which have been a focus in the last couple weeks.
  • And speaking of the Bougainvillea socks -- they are one of Anne Hanson's amazing designs, and last week, I won a copy of this gorgeous book in a contest at her blog!


Bezzie said...

I'm glad you at least get a fun trip this time. Be careful with that blanket--I've fallen asleep knitting before, it can be dangerous depending which way your needles are pointing--ha ha!

Mary Lou said...

I hear you. I was just in DC for work, got used to the time change, came back to CST, got used to it almost, then bam, lost that hour. I'm still tired. Have a good trip.

Chris said...

Hate DST... Albuquerque isn't as awesome as Sante Fe and Taos. You should definitely visit!

Here's hoping that you don't incur any additional sleep deprivation...

Rebekah said...

Have a wonderful trip, but not I'm craving Salsa, I always crave salsa when anyone says San Antonio, stupid Pace commercials.

Steven said...

You're down here? Maybe I'm reading this too late and you're already back! In any case, I hope you enjoyed your Texas time and got to see the beginning of this year's bumper crop of bluebonnets!