Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

I didn't mean to be gone for more than three weeks but since I spent two of those weeks in Texas, I don't feel so bad about that!

There wasn't a whole lot of knitting done during that time. My trip included vacation time -- camping on the Texas Gulf coast and visiting my sister in San Antonio -- and a conference in Austin.

We camped for two nights at Goose Island State Park, near Rockport, and spent most of one day on the beach in Port Aransas.  It was a gorgeous day -- sunny, about 85, windy --and the water, which during the summer is frequently a little too warm, was the perfect temperature.  The day was also just right for sunburn.  It didn't seem hot, and our spray-on sunscreen apparently blew right away.  I had stripes of sunburn on the my right arm and leg, and both shins.  But it was worth it.  Port Aransas is one of my favorite places - a beach town with absolutely no pretense, a beach you can drive on, and great seafood.

The big new tent, replacing the rather raggedy old pop-up camper.
A pelican, greeting the ferry as it arrives in Port Aransas.

A flock of pelicans, looking for lunch.  We saw more pelicans on this trip than ever before.

My niece, helping to deflate the self-inflating air mattresses (which inflate a lot easier than they deflate).

Unfortunately, I have no good pictures of the San Antonio part of the trip or of the conference.  I think I was too busy having fun!

Next time:  knitting!


Anonymous said...

aw, I haven't been to Port Aransas since the 70s, and I'll bet it hasn't changed one little bit. it always has been such an unpretentious place. i'm glad you had such a great vacation (sunburn stripes aside)!

Steven said...

My Uncle Beanie used to have a meat market in Port Aransas -- we went there on our visits to Texas as a kid. Glad you enjoyed the conference! It was great to see you.

Mary Lou said...

I went to Port Aransas with my SAT sister once, it was great. As was the shrimp.

Rebekah said...

I just love brown pelicans, they are mean as ever, but there's just something so intriguing about them.

Chris said...

Must've been vacation season!