Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pink and Me

I think pink has always been my favorite color.  I remember having a pair of pink and yellow sneakers  when I was about 7 years old.  Unfortunately - as far as colors go - my teenage years were spent entirely in the earth-tone 1970s, where pink was pretty rare.  I got married in 1980 (boy, am I old!) and really wanted my bridesmaids to wear pink dresses, but there were none to be found.  Of course, just a couple of years later, pink was back and hasn't really gone away since.

I like all shades of pink, but my favorites are very pale, icy pink and darker, not-pastel pink.  That's why, when I opened the latest shipment from Scout's yarn club, I squealed out loud.  Yes, I stood in my kitchen, squealing and squeezing a skein of sock yarn.  See why?

Scout's Sway "Izvar"

This color is call Izvar, and I absolutely love it.  A quick tour of my Ravelry project page will show why -- here are some highlights:

Whispering Pines
Anne Hanson's Whispering Pines

Stonewall and Bougainvillea
Stonewall (scarf) and Bougainvillea (socks) - also Anne Hanson

Fish Scales
Nereid Fingerless Gloves

Bird in Hand mittens
Bird in Hand Mittens

And there are more! 


gracie said...

do you ever wonder who names the yarn colors...very pretty shade

Kaye said...

I've always wanted to name colors for yarn, nail polish, wall paint...

Nice pinkage! I love those Bird in the Hand Mittens.

Really no pink BM dresses in the 80s? Not even a hot pink? ;-)

Marguerite said...

How pretty. Do you have plans for your new yarn?

Chris said...

Have you started knitting it yet? :)

Mary Lou said...

I got pinked out as a kid - the only girl in a house full of boys for a long time. But now I like it, more of the raspberry shade. I was Miss Earth Tone in the 70's too. Ugh.

Steven said...

I have to say, even for this lover of all shades drab, that is one nice shade of pink!

linda-the-sister said...

The bird in hands mittens are gorgeous!

I see pink, and I think of my sissy. <3

Susan said...

I love pink now! I think it's because of you and my sweet daughter! And the mittens are just amazing. So beautiful.

Rebekah said...

That is a lot of pink! I'm teh same way about green. Every shade.