Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the mail

Last Tuesday, I found a large envelope in my mail slot at work.  This isn't all that unusual - many publishers and vendors seem to think I still want to hear from them in print.  (Do they not know that the recycling bin is right next to the mailboxes?)

Anyway, this envelope wasn't from a publisher; it was from Steven Self.  You may think of Steven as a great knitter, but I've known him since before knitting (I think), since he is also a health sciences librarian.  I wasn't expecting anything from Steven, but we belong to a couple of the same associations, I just assumed to was something work-related.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and pulled out a package wrapped in two kinds of  pink paper.

Mitten wrapping
It didn't occur to me to take a picture before I ripped the package open, 
but here's what's left of it, posing on the cat perch.

Inside were these:


Steven blogged about knitting these here and here and here.  And he even blogged about having someone in mind to give them to.  Possibly because I have neither dainty hands nor a January birthday, it didn't even occur that that person might be me!

The mittens are beautifully knitted, much more evenly than I could knit them.  And they fit great, although the thumb is a little snug. I think repeated wearing will help that.  Luckily, it's still winter here!  (I can't believe I just said that.....)

While I was sitting in my office with these gorgeous mittens on my hands, it occurred to me that I have never received a knitted gift from anyone except my grandma.

Thank you so much, Steven!


Kaye said...

and a fellow knitter will enjoy them the most!

He knows you paper and all!

Janelle said...

Steven would make an AWESOME grandma. The mittens are perfect and you will love them appropriately!

Mary Lou said...

Lucky duck. Nice mittens. They would come in handy for the 14" of snow we just got! I have only received a knitted gift once (since adulthood anyway) a friend knit me some socks, and I love them.

linda-the-sister said...

Lucky duck, indeed. They're beautiful!

And you are the only one besides Grandma to knit gifts for me. One more reason why I love you to bits. <3

Chris said...

What a delightful surprise!

Janne said...

I love the mittens, they are really wonderful. I have been reading your blog for quite a long time and just now noticed that you have the same first name as my daughter.