Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Knitting

Last week it was South Texas hot here in Iowa.  Many of the natives were not happy but I loved it!  I like hot weather, but the fact that I knew it would only be really hot for a week or so made it even better.  This week is still plenty warm, but if I still lived in San Antonio, we'd think the weather this week was practically cool!  Plus, you don't have to shovel the heat, and I don't worry about breaking a leg while walking to the bus.

I am still knitting.  I finished my Hedgerow socks, but I realize I don't have a picture of them. They'll be nice and warm in the winter.  I'll try to remember to take a picture some day.

I do have pictures of my two main WIPs, Breaking Hearts and Catkin.

I've got one Breaking Heart sock done, and I'm not sure.... maybe it's the yarn?  I'm not crazy about it, and I think my hearts aren't nearly as "heart-like" as the original.  I'm thinking that I probably should have gone down a needle size, but there's no way I'm frogging this one and starting over!  However, these will be nice and warm, so I'll finish up the second one eventually.  Also, I did modify the toe slightly -- about halfway through the patterned toe, I realized it was going to me too long, so at that point, I switched to plain stockinette and decreased every round.



My Illini Catkin is moving right along.  I'm to the third part, and I have to say, I'm really enjoying this project.  It's not absent-minded knitting at all, but I can still watch TV while I work on it.  I love the colors, although the blue is a tiny bit greener in real life than in this picture, I think.



As much as I love these colors, I can't stop looking at all the color combinations used by others knitting this.  I might need to knit another one!


Mary Lou said...

My SA nephew just left after being here for a week. He thought the weather was cool, too.

Chris said...

Gorgeous socks!!!

Cool?! Bah. I'm bracing myself for round two of the hot'n'sticky weather...

Anonymous said...

I'm on the final lap with my Catkin. I've done the catkins, and just need to finish up that bottom edge in the solid color. But boy oh boy are these rows LONG now!! :-)

linda-the-sister said...

I'm over this heat. Of course it could be worse - I could live in Dallas. Well, living in Dallas would be worse regardless of the season, but their high today was like 112 or something godawful. At least it isn't THAT hot here (knock on wood).

Steven said...

Your sister got THAT right about living in Dallas -- it's hell no matter what the thermometer say! We hit at least 106 today here in Austin.

I think your hearts look just fine.