Thursday, September 01, 2011

No pictures, and almost no computer

I am SO close to finishing Catkin.  I've changed the color combination a bit and added a few rows to make it a bit longer, but I only have five (very long) rows left to knit.  I could show you a great picture, if I had one.  Or, actually, some way to post a picture.  You see, my three-and-a-half year old MacBook Air is dying.  It starts up about halfway, then just sits there.  I've gone through all sorts of suggestions I found on the internet.  This weekend, I'm taking it to my brother, who is great with computers, especially Macs.  In the meantime, I have my seven-and-a-half year old iBook, which still runs but needs everything updated, and a loaner PC from work.  I can't post pictures from the iBook and don't want to use the work PC for pictures so you'll just need to use your imaginations!

I've also started not one but two Baby Sophisticates.  Two co-workers are having baby boys in October, and I need to get knitting on them!  One is in brick red Swish Worsted, while the other one (for the mom who knits) is in a beautiful undyed grey (color 1518) Cascade Eco Alpaca.

Samantha Alice -- now just called Alice except when she's in trouble -- is feeling right at home.  She loves the yarn, so I've had to reorganize and actually put away all the living room yarn.  Harley still find her too rowdy, but Alice follows Harley around and clearly wants to be her friend.  It's really cute, and I'm pretty sure she's going to win Harley over completely before long!

Oh -- and we are back in our library, but still under construction.  We have no ceiling tiles and temporary lights everywhere.  It's interesting!  In my May post about the move, I mentioned that we were configuring some of our shelving for ADA compliance and weren't sure if everything would fit back.  In the comments for that post, a couple people asked about the possibility of using compact shelving -- aka "stacks on tracks."  We do have compact shelving on the 1st floor of the library.  However, the piece of the collection being reconfigured -- actually the largest piece of the collection -- is on the 4th floor.  Compact shelving is incredibly heavy and can only be used on ground floors or specially reinforced higher floors.  So -- regular shelving had to do!  Luckily, everything did fit back, although we are going to have to do some shifting, once the workmen are all out of the way.


Chris said...

Glad you're back in your library, even if it's still a work in progress!

*crosses fingers that your brother can fix your Mac*

lori said...

oh, the dying computer. that's such a sick feeling. i really hope your brother can work some magic. that would be a great labor day present.

Steven said...

Hate that dying computer thing -- HATE! Hope Dr. Brother can make it better. And those Baby Sophistcates are cute. I didn't know that you could link to Ravelry patterns without having the viewer sign in -- good to know!

jessie said...

I'm such a lazy blog reader I don't even know when you got your new layout. But it's gorgeous!

Good luck with the computer woes.