Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Bit of Knitting

So I'm sitting here reading knitblogs and thinking, "I wish I had something to post," when I realized -- I do! I'm close to starting the toe decrease in the Cabled Footies. I'd post a picture, but Blogger's not cooperating with pictures tonight. And, anyway, the color is lousy - they're really a very nice periwinkle, but show up in the picture as just king of blue.

As I said before, this pattern is from the book Oneskein, which is full of good stuff. The footies are knitted from worsted weight yarn - I'm using Lamb's Pride Worsted - so they'll be nice and warm. I should finish them fast - it's supposed to get down near freezing here tonight and, I think, tomorrow night, which is cold for San Antonio at any time of year, but unbelievably cold for late March. I mean, I've already had the air conditioning on once this year, but now I've got the heat on again! But I digress -- the footies are for my sister, whose husband keeps their apartment at about 60 degrees year round, so she'll get use out of them year round!

Oh, and remember the baby Blu jeans and the orange and blue baby sweater? (How could you forget? I blogged incessantly about them!) The recipient was born on Monday, and the sweater and jeans are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll have a picture or two eventually!

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