Friday, March 10, 2006

Sock and Baby Jeans

Note that the title says "sock," not "socks." But one of my Knitting Olympics socks is finally and completely done. Here it is, being modeled by the recipient herself, my mom.

Here's the requisite "heel shot":

(See that black and white picture in the background? That's Mom and Dad's wedding photo. I'm pretty sure she wasn't wearing socks this pretty that day!)

Now, I just have to frog the other, too-small sock and knit a mate for this one. Mom doesn't go home until next Friday morning. I wonder how likely it is that I'll have it done by then?

With Mom's help, I've also finished the baby jeans from Knitty. I seamed them up, sewed on the button, and embroidered the fly and pockets. Mom sewed in the elastic. Actually, I think Susan has a jeans label for me to sew on the back, so I'm not quite done. But here they are, in all their cuteness.

And here's a shot of the whole outfit -- baby Illini sweater and jeans. They're done just in time, since the baby is due any day, and Mom can take them back to Illinois with her.

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