Thursday, March 16, 2006

Completed: One Pair of Socks

What's this?

Why, it's what was left over from the skein at then end of the second sock, laying next to my 7 inch DPN for comparison. I had about twice this amount left from the first sock's skein.

The good news, though, is that I finished Mom's socks before she left for home. I don't have a picture of her wearing both, though, because she's in bed. She's leaving at 4:00 tomorrow morning!

Pattern: Crusoe from in the larger size

Yarn: 2 skens of Koigu Kersti (not the KPPPM called for)

Needles: US3 Clover Bamboo DPNs (up from size 1s, since Kersti is a heavier yarn)

I really like these socks, and sock-knitting in general. I'm about to cast on for another pair for my sister. I have issues with Kitchener stitch, though. I understand it perfectly in theory, but can't seem to execute it very well. I've used instructions from several different books. Does anyone have Kitchener instructions that you think are really clear?

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