Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One Last Look

Here's one last photo of the baby jeans, this time from the back. They're awfully cute, if I do say so myself!

Pattern: Blu from knitty.com in the 6 month size

Yarn: 2 and a half skeins of Rowan Denim in Nashville (dark blue); about half a skein of Rowan Denim in Tennessee (light blue); a little bit of yellowy-orange DMC floss for the embroidery

Needles: US6 Denises

No matter how cute they are, I never got used to the fact that the dark blue yarn turned my fingers and my Denises blue. Other than that, these were a quick and easy knit. Seaming the pieces together was the hardest part, and my mom put the elastic in for me (although if she hadn't been visiting this week, I'm sure I could have done it myself!)

Now I just need to wrap it with its companion, the Illini orange-and-blue sweater (made from Plymouth Encore DK), so I can send them back to Illinois with Mom at the end of the week. As far as we know, the baby hasn't been born yet.

Speaking of Mom, I've turned the hell heel on the second sock -- for some reason, I had to do it about four times before I got it right! I'm still hoping to have it done before she leaves....

One last thing: my hometown is Springfield, Illinois. Actually, I grew up a little bit south of Springfield, and my mom and brother currently live just outside of Springfield. Springfield was hit by two tornadoes Sunday evening. Luckily, it seems that no lives were lost and my family is fine, although 48 hours later, they still don't have power. However, much of the city is not fine. The southwest-side suburb of Jerome was really hard-hit. There doesn't seem to have been much national coverage of this. For more information and photos, see www.sj-r.com or www.wtax.com.

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