Sunday, March 19, 2006


Spring must be here, because the Peeps have appeared!

It seems like people feel one of two ways about Peeps: they either love them or hate them. Me, I'm a lover (although I have mixed feelings about non-Easter Peeps). I think those of you who claim not to like Peeps just haven't embraced your own inner Peepsness. Either that, or you haven't tried leaving the package open for a day or two, which causes a crunchy shell to form around the marshmallowy goodness. And just so you'll know that Peeps aren't just about fun, check out Peeps research here.

There is knitting content today, too. I stopped by the LYS yesterday morning to buy a few more things at 25% off.

Here we have a copy of The Knitter's Companion, recommended by Chris (thanks!) and four more skeins of sock yarn, all Fortissima Socka. The "darker blue" skeins on the sides are actually purple (color 1014) while the top and bottom skeins are a very pretty greeny-blue (color 1005) which, oddly, the color card calls Coffee, although at least Yarndex notes in parentheses that it's blue. I think the purple will work well for toes and heels with the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock I got on Thursday.

I also bought a set of Bryspun US8 DPNs, which I love (look at those points!). They're already in use here:

It's the beginning of a Cabled Footie from Oneskein, a great book that took our SnB knitting group by storm last week at Barnes and Noble. They had three copies, and I think we bought them all! I'm making them in the Periwinkle Lamb's Pride Worsted I bought on Thursday.

In non-knitting news -- anyone else a college hoops fan? Can you believe the NCAA tourney this year? Bradley, George Mason, and Wichita State all in the Sweet 16? The fact that Kansas and Tennessee are also out makes Illinois' loss a little easier..... and Bradley's in Peoria, only - what - 70 miles?, from Champaign, so they're the central Illinois team this year!

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