Sunday, March 26, 2006

Other hobbies

First, here's the photo Blogger didn't want me to post the other night.

It's the cabled footie from Oneskein. (It's resting on the needle case Mom made made me last year. Isn't it pretty?) Since I took this photo on Wednesday, I've finished this footie, and have gotten down to the foot on the second. Unfortunately, I realized at knitting group this afternoon that I had missed a cable crossing in the second footie, so there will be frogging.

Whenever I hear about spinning, I practically stick my fingers in my ears and sing la-la-la, because I really don't need another hobby. I spent a good part of Saturday working on one of them: scrapbooking.

Some people are surprised to hear that there are people (well, mostly women) without kids who crop, but in my little group there are more of us without children than with. My interest in scrapbooks began as an offshoot of my interest in genealogy. Thanks to one of my cousins, I received copies of a number of old photographs (old as in late 19th/early 20th century) of my father's family. As my interest in my mother's family grew, I started tracking down photos from her family, too -- from Mom's scrapbooks, from my grandmother's, from one of Mom's cousins. Before I started my 'heritage album,' I did a practice album, which started out as a way to rescue photos from my college years, in the 1970s, from slowly disintegrating sticky-paged albums. That album grew to include the years after college, when I was married.

College (really, there was more than just partying, but you have no idea how hard it was to find a sticker of a six-pack of beer! A keg would have been more appropriate, but I was thrilled to find the six-pack.)

(Oh - and there was a magazine under this page when I took the picture - that's what the mccormick spice logo is from!)


These photos were all taken by Steve's sister. I like them at least as much as the ones taken by the professional photographer!

My father's grandfather

This is one of my favorite pages - I'm sorry you can't see it better!

Mom and Dad while they were dating and first married

And I stamp, too.... Someday I'll show you some cards I've made!

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