Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Continental

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit The Continental, starring Christopher Walken as a really creepy "ladies' man"? That's not the kind of Continental I'm talking about.

I'm talking about knitting continental style, which I'm trying to learn. It's actually going pretty well, although I'm sure I'll have to finish my Seraphim in my English throwing style. I've knit about 15 rows of the 4x1 rib in Fetching continental-style, and it's starting to come pretty naturally. I've also watch some of the videos over at Knittinghelp, which are reassuring. See the link on the purl page to the Finnish purling video? That's pretty much what I've been doing - it looks like I'm wrapping the yarn twice around the needle, but really only the first wrap is pulled through. (I don't push the finish stitch off the needle with my finger. I'm wondering if she's only doing it because she's knitting so slowly.)

I will say, though, that this makes my left hand hurt. I'm assuming I'll get over that.....

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