Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Sky (not)

Okay, no picture of Saturday Sky this week. You can imagine it though, bcause it's more of the same -- blue with a few fluffy white clouds. And it's still hot, but at least the highs are in the 90s, not the 100s.

I finished up the left Fetching Thursday night, and I discovered that it's really hard to take a picture of your own hand. (I really do have a pinkie on my left hand -- it's just hiding in this picture.)


I'm very proud of this, because the entire hand (from the wrist to the fingers) was knit continental. I'll admit that I returned to english/throwing for the bind off, but continental is starting to feel more natural.

I've also completed a couple more rows of Seraphim, and am at row 16 (out of 20) in chart 3. I've done the purl rows continental, but the knit (pattern) rows are mostly english. I've tried doing them continental, but the decreases are frustrating and seem to fly off the needles, although not in a good way! I'll keep at it, though.

A couple of you asked if I had found a Zoom Groom for Harley. I ended up ordering it from Amazon and paying as much for shipping as for the Zoom Groom itself. However, Harley loves it, and it really works (and it was still about $10, including shipping, which isn't all that bad).

The annoying thing is that I ordered an external hard drive (this one) from Amazon and within minutes of placing that order, I decided I might as well order the Zoom Groom from them, too, but when I tried to combine the two orders, they wouldn't allow it. I would have saved a couple dollars in shipping if I had just remembered to order them at the same time!

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