Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's this?


Why, it's Fetching! You're probably thinking, "doesn't she have shawls to finish?" Well, yes, I do, but this morning, feeling yucky (neverending South Texas allergies) and with nothing on my calendar until afternoon, I stayed home. I wanted to knit, but didn't feel like concentrating on lace, so I pulled some Lamb's Pride Worsted (Ignore those negative reviews on Yarndex -- I love this yarn! Yes, it sheds -- it has mohair in it. Yes, it would probably be scratchy for sensitive types to wear next to the skin -- it has wool AND mohair in it. Doesn't make it a bad yarn -- it just makes it a yarn not for everyone!) in Lotus Pink out of the stash (leftover from my laptop sleeve) and started these cabled wrist-warmers. I've been talking about knitting a pair of wrist-warmers for a year -- I tend to be cold and my office is really cold -- and I find cables sort of soothing to knit, so it was a nice, and even productive, way to spend the morning.

In case you were wondering, there is progress on Seraphim:
Seraphim progress

It may not look much different to you but I'm on row 8 (of 20) of Chart 3. Chart 4 is only 10 rows, so I do feel the end in sight. However, last night I realized that my lifeline is at least 15 rows back. That's too bad, because I'm afraid I wonked up at least one pattern repeat, but wasn't about to frog all the way back to the lifeline. The repeats in question look okay now, but I'm afraid that after blocking they won't!

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