Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Skillz (sort of!)

This afternoon at knitting at the Candlelight, I mentioned that I would really like to learn to knit continental style, but since I'm already the world's slowest knitter, the idea of changing styles and at least temporarily becoming even slower was keeping me from trying it. Kim, who is familiar with my grasp-the-yarn-in-my-right-hand-and-fling-it-around style, looked at me and said, "I really don't think it would be any slower!"

So, for the next hour, Kim very patiently coached me through learning how to knit and purl continental-style (well, except for the time she spent untangling a big hunk of yarn vomit I pulled out of the center of my skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted). She was right -- within a few minutes, I was knitting just as fast as I do in my regular style (or lack thereof). I do have issues with wrapping the knit stitches in the right direction, but I get it right about 3/4 of the time. Thanks, Kim!

Although the nice 4x1 ribbing of Fetching is good practice for my continental skills, I've gone back to my old style this evening while I work on Seraphim -- I don't think I'm quite ready yarn-overs and decreases!

And on a completely unrelated topic:

Black Kitty

This is Black Kitty. He roams the neighborhood, although it's obvious he's well fed. Simon and Harley are always quite excited when he jumps the fence into my backyard, and occasionally he comes up to look through the sliding glass door. I've never tried to pet him - as I said, he's well fed, and I don't think he's a stray, but I don't want to risk getting attached! (Oh - and speaking of black kitties, have you heard about Chaos's new little sister?)

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