Monday, September 25, 2006

Where I Knit

Have you seen Laurie's (a.k.a Crazy Aunt Purl) request for pictures of our 'knitting spots'? I liked the idea, and this picture, so much that I decided to post the picture of my favorite knitting spot here.

Where I knit

This is my big red chair in my living room. Off to the left, you can see Simon, plotting to escape through the sliding door, if it weren't for that annoying screen in the way. If the iBook's not on my lap, it's might be on the wicker-chest/table next to the chair. Hiding behind the footstool is a whole lot of UFO's and knitting books. When I sit and knit in my big red chair, Simon is frequently on my lap and Harley sits behind me on the back of the chair, chewing on my hair. Oh, and it's right in front of the TV! ;-)

I love my big red chair. It started life 20 years or so ago, as a blue floral velvet chair with lots of wood trim. It had a matching couch and they lived in my mother's living room. When Mom got new furniture, it went to live with my sister, and eventually ended up in my living room. It was the most comfortable chair ever, but I hated the upholstery (sorry, Mom!) and draped various things over it to try to disguise the blue floralness of it. A few years ago, I had it (and the footstool, which was blue 'leatherette') recovered. The upholsterer was a true artist. He totally reshaped the chair. Can you even tell that there used to be wood trim on the arms and back? I could have bought a new chair for what I paid, but I couldn't have gotten anything as comfortable or with such perfect red-on-red stripes.

Harley says, "No, I won't show your scary knitting friends how I sit on the back of the big red chair."

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