Monday, January 09, 2006

FO: The World's Most Boring Scarf

self-patterning scarf

My most recent FO was a scarf for my brother for Christmas. It actually wasn't finished until December 31, but that was before he left to go home, so it still counts. It's really attractive, the Bro liked it, and it should be warm -- he lives in Illinois, where they have winter -- but it was stockinette in the round, around and around and around. It was perfect mindless knitting and the self-patterning sock yarn was pretty cool, but I was really glad to be done with it!

Pattern: His Striped Scarf from Not Just Socks by Sandi Rosner
Yarn: Schoeller Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color (color number 9095)
Yardage: 4 50g skeins (including what was used for the fringe)
Yarn Source:
Needles: US3 Addi Turbos

manly fringe I didn't make it as long as the pattern called for. Including the fringe it was about 46 inches long I think -- just long enough for Bro to wrap around his neck and tuck into his coat. It's finished off with 'manly fringe,' which I probably would have trimmed a little shorter, if I hadn't been so happy to be finished with it.

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Susan said...

Okay, it may have been a boring knit but it looks great!