Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Pair of Socks

Actually, it's a pair of sock cuffs, although it's not a matching pair! On the left is this month's Sixth Sense Sock from the Six Sox Knitalong. The Six Sox Knitalong knits a pair of sox every other month -- they just began the April pair, so I joined right up. The yarn is Koigu KPPM in colorway P717 (so evocative!). And see the rosewood US2 DPNs? I got them at the LYS sale a couple weeks ago, and like them a lot. On the right is the beginning of another pair of Cable Footies, this time in hot pink Cascade 220, on the same US8 BrySpun Bry-Flex DPNs that I used for the last pair. I like these needles, too! These are for my friend from Houston who I'm rooming with at a conference next month.

The Sixth Sense Sock was interesting to start. There's a ribbed cuff version, but of course I had to do the more complicated hemmed version. You turn under the first few rows, then knit the cast-on edge with the next row, stitch by stitch, to "sew" it down. Kind of fiddly and really time-consuming, but it turned out nice. I hope the second one turns out as well -- I hope I remember how I did it!

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