Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Meme and a Sock

I had been thinking about the contest that Kat is having: Name 5 places other than your house or a knitting store where you have knit. I didn't think I had knitted in that many interesting places, and then I realized that I was thinking about this while knitting at a stop light (not all that unusual, I know). So, here goes:

Five places other than my house or a knitting store where I have knit
  1. At what must be San Antonio's longest stoplight, at the intersection of Huebner (pronounced, by the way, HEEB-ner) and Babcock
  2. At my desk on my lunch hour, while reading knitblogs and listening to podcasts, knitting and otherwise
  3. In the finance guy's office at the Saturn dealership when I was buying my current car. While I waited for the finance guy, I knitted. He called me into his office, and I kept knitting. He said, "Is that crochet? Can you do that while you talk?" I told him I was knitting ("one stick, crochet; two sticks, knitting") and that I could talk, especially since I didn't have to count during that part of the pattern. And he asked, "You have to count when you knit?"
  4. At a crop (scrapbooking party), when my scrapbook just didn't interest me
  5. At lunch during the SCC Board meeting, just a couple weeks ago. I tried to turn the heel while I talked. I ended frogging the entire pink cable footie.

And here's progress on my Sixth Sense Sock. I've turned the heel and I'm very happy with it. It's my first short row heel and it's done in garter stitch. I have a teeny hole where the heel meets the instep, but it's practically unnoticeable. It seemed harder than a heel flap, but then, my first heel flap seemed hard, too.

Oh, and if you tuned it for the weather report, the high today was only 83F (28C), very close to the normal high is 81F (27C). And it rained a little last night and today!

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