Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday Sky and UFOs

No, no, no UFOs in my Saturday sky. UFOs as in UnFinished Objects -- Scout has challenged us to show ours. So, first -- here's the sky:

Sky:  8/5/06
Are you getting the idea that South Texas summer skies are pretty boring?
Blue, with a few clouds that don't mean rain.

Unfinished Objects, part IAnd now the UFOs. These are what I consider true WIPs (and I'd like to thank my stylist, Simon, for helping me arrange these so artfully). These will get done, and probably soon. There the Seraphim Shawl, from Elann's Peruvian Collection Baby Silk, at the top (still looking like boiled ass, but it will be beautiful when done), the garter stitch ribbon yarn on giant needles shawl (I really hate those giant needles, but this is for a friend), a warshrag for my mom (there will be another with the green and cream reversed, too), the Lorna's Laces Lucky Stripe sock in the Welt Fantastic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, and down there in front, circled in red to keep it from blending in with the rug, Trek's Grown Up Wonky Lace sock, in pale pink Cascade Fixation.

Unfinished Objects, Part II
And these are the UFOs that are currently in time-out. I could say that the cat was provided for scale, but in reality, he just wouldn't stop trying to help be my photo stylist!

At the top , we have a large felted market bag, yarn and pattern both by KnitPicks. This one got thrown into time-out when I ran out of the purple yarn, despite having ordered the amount KnitPicks told me to (hint: that little calculator KnitPicks has on their patterns seems to lie -- it gave the same skeinage for all three sizes of this bag). I ordered more yarn, but never picked it back up when the yarn finally arrived. Below that is the bubble-gum pink mohair cabled shawl. The pattern is from the Winter 2002 Knitter's. I have a weakness for pink, and cables, and mohair (I love me some fuzzy yarn!), but this is really too warm to work on except in mid-winter. It's also much larger than it looks here -- about half of it is folded under. And at the bottom is my variation on the Chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm making it a little wider and quite a bit shorter, with a purl row thrown in at random to the feather and fan pattern, from some wonderful Brooks Farm Duet. I love this scarf -- this is the second one I've made from the pattern -- and I'm not sure why it's in time-out. I need to get it done before that 2-day cold snap we'll have in January!

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