Thursday, February 08, 2007

Airport Knitting

Yesterday I flew to Harlingen to teach a class. (Note: Click that link to the Wikipedia entry for Harlingen - I wonder how long it will continue to begin "Harlingen is the best city in the world"?) My 8:20 a.m. flight was delayed by fog until almost 11:00; luckily, I got there in time for the workshop! The highlight of any trip to Harlingen is the free wi-fi in the airport. I knew I would probably end up hanging out at the airport for a couple hours, waiting for my return flight, and had planned some work to finish up. But guess what? The wi-fi was out, and there's no one at the airport to fix it after 5:00. So instead, I had to knit some more.

Between the morning delay and the evening wi-fi-lessness, I finished over half of the Mason & Dixon Baby Kimono. I know for a lot of you, this would be no big deal, but, as one of the world's three slowest knitters, I'm pretty proud of it!

baby kimono
Sorry about the blurry picture!

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