Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bad Blogger

No, not -- it's been very cooperative lately. The bad blogger is me. I haven't posted in almost a week and I haven't even responded to comments. If you've left a comment and haven't heard back, know that I really appreciate them. I'm still amazed that total strangers (and a few friends) come by to visit!

Two Green SquaresLife, both the work part and the not-work part, is hectic. There hasn't been much knitting, and what knitting there has been, has been baby blanket squares. These two are my part of a group blankie. I'm assuming the recipient isn't reading blogs right now..... I hope.....

The top square is a simple purled hearts pattern from The Knitter's Bible, which is one of my favorite technique books. The bottom is a cable adapted from the Woman's Simple Pullover from Cables Untangled. Both are knitted from Feza Zara and, if you could see the stitches better, are an excellent lesson in gauge. The hearts were knitted on size 6 needles, while the cable is being knit on size 5s. The heart square, while pretty, is kind of floppy and sloppy. The cable square has nice even, almost perfect stitches. Amazing. If I weren't so tired of knitting squares (and I still have a square and a half for the other blankie), I'd re-do the hearts. It's pretty obvious that I'm knitting looser than I used to.

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