Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lots of randomness

I haven't posted the Saturday temperature in a few weeks. Today's was definitely worth posting!

temp 1/5/08

This was around 3:30 in the afternoon. Notice all the snow piled around! It's supposed to stay above freezing until Tuesday and they're predicting rain. Hopefully some of those piles of filthy snow will melt, making way for the new white snow we're supposed to get Wednesday.

This was the first nice Saturday since the beginning of December. There were lots of people taking advantage of the weather. I drove up to Cedar Rapids to visit two yarn shops there: Beads and Beyond (oddly enough, the address on their website is wrong -- they're on Center Point Road) and Hearthstone Gifts (actually in the suburb of Marion). Neither is entirely devoted to yarn: Beads and Beyond, not surprisingly, has lots of beads and beading supplies, and Hearthstone has candle- and soap-making supplies. But both had nice yarns, too, and I seem to have enhanced my stash just a little.

Manos and Dream in Color

The Manos del Uruguay at the top (which is really sky blue) is from Beads and Beyond, and the Dreams in Color Fatty at the bottom (imagine it a little pinker) is from Hearthstone. I don't think either of these yarns is carried by either of the shops here in Iowa City, so I felt justified in buying them. And I already have plans for the Manos -- it will eventually become the brioche-stitch neck warmer from Weekend Knitting.

pointy hatvery pink, very cabley mittensBefore I do that, though, I have to finish at least some of the WIPs. Most importantly, I must finish my sister's Honeybee. This stole is knit in halves, and I am almost done with the second half. I've got something similar to Second Sock Syndrome, I'm afraid -- I feel like I've done this before!

To break up the tedium I've started not one, but two small projects -- Ryan's Hat (for me, not someone named Ryan) and the Very Cabley Mittens.

The hat is actually sort of a lavender-grey. And the mittens are VERY pink!

Oh -- and Harley benefited from my trip to Cedar Rapids, too. I stopped by the SuperTarget, where I found one of the curved scratchers that Crazy Aunt Purl's cat posse so enjoyed. Harley agrees!



Bezzie said...

An earflap hat!

We're getting that freakish warm weather here too. I just wish it was followed up with snow as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're saying in the 50's here tomorrow and Tuesday. I can't wait! Yesterday it was 31 and I found myself going out to the store in only a sweater (well, and my clothes, too, but the point is there wasn't a coat for the first time in ages).

Love those mittens but I can't but feel sorry for Ryan what with your stealing his hat and all.

Amysatx said...

Those mittens are very cabley-indeed! I love the color!

Chris said...

Not quite as warm here, but still very warm! I just hope we don't end up with ice under snow...

Oh, I've been meaning to look for one of those scratchers for Chaos at Target.

Steven said...

How do you juggle all those projects? I've to two going right now and feel overwhelmed. Enjoy the balmy weather while it lasts!

dale-harriet said...

We had that warmth too, and most of our lovely snow is gone - we're left with "March Syndrome", the weird lumpy blackened yucch of snow left. However! New, fresh, sparkling snow is forecast for tonight, 2-3". It's a start. And that's IT, the Jury has spake. I'm going to Starget too and get one of those cardboard scratchy thingies. I'll report back on our kitties' reaction.

jessie said...

It hit 61 degrees here a few days ago. The week before, it was -1. Go figure.

Cute cabley mittens!