Saturday, January 19, 2008


My brother and niece (the one who's learning to knit -- actually, she's my only niece!) came in for a quick visit yesterday evening. Did I take any pictures? Well, no, except for this one, which my brother took as we drove home from the mall.


3ºF. That would be -16º C. I imagine that was the high for the day; Weather Underground says the high was only 2º. And frankly, that's a few degrees higher than they were predicting for today! The good news is that it was sunny and clear and really a beautiful day, if you ignored the fact that your nose hair froze in the two minutes it took to walk from the car to the mall!

Luckily, my head stayed warm in my earflap hat, even if it is a little big.

earflap hat

My favorite part is the "tail."

tip top

In reality, the main color is a bit grayer than this, but it definitely has a lavender tint to it.

Pattern: Ryan's Hat
Yarn: Cascade Pastaza (50% llama/50% wool) (one skein each of 030 gray/lavender, 042 lime green, and 031 periwinkle winkle)
Needles: US 9 (DPNs and a 16" circ)
Comments: When you knit scarves and shawls and even socks, row gauge isn't that important, but now I'm beginning to knit things where it's more important. My loose stitch gauge was actually an advantage for this pattern, since my head is a little bigger than the predicted result, but my row gauge makes the hat hang a bit low in front. So my loose knitting is affecting the outcome and I need to figure out how to fix this. I'd like to learn to knit to gauge, not just adjust needle size. Although I've already begun adjusting needle size for socks so....


Anonymous said...

You look totally cute! How's the hair when you take the 'at off?

Three degrees. Wow. Felix and I just went over and walked. It was 52. I was cold. :(

Bundle up! Think how amazing spring is going to be!

Chris said...

Cute! It looks like a Jayne hat. :)

I was very underwhelmed when I got up and noticed that it was -14F at 8:30 am. No clue what the windchill was. Brrrrr!

sophanne said...

I don't even know you in real life and I want to be your best friend after seeing you in that earflap hat. It is adorable!

While I don't love the cold, sometimes the temperature readings cracks me up. It's "one" outside.

I spent time in South Africa where we were always trying to convert money, time, and temperature. The temperature thing was just a pain and so we started measuring all things in dog years. It's "one degree" outside. That means it's 5 in dog temperature.

Amysatx said...

I love the hat! I can't believe how well you're handling the temps-I'm freezing my tush with temps in the low 30s at night. Hard to believe a year ago we had the big ice storm in S.A.-not this year though...bummer...guess we'll be back to work on Tuesday (Monday holiday).

dale-harriet said...

I'm in the same "belt" as you - I think it's -12 here at 10:00 am. But yeah, as bright and sunny a day as one could want! Now then - two thoughts: 1) LOVE the hat! I thought about trying one but I don't do that Finnish-Scandihoovian fancy-pants stranding stuff and I am SO loving yours which might have that but looks like a lovely Normal Human cap in one or two soft colors; and 2) YES! You're ADORABLE and I wanna be your BFF to! {grin} I think all o' us-all here recognize kindred spirits when we sees 'em.

Courtney said...

Cute hat! If it makes you feel better, it's been San Antonio freezing here (not actually that cold, but the natives seem to think it's pretty chilly). I've been wearing hand knits daily and loving the chill which I'm sure will be way too brief.

Bezzie said...

And how cool that you get to break that hat in immediately? Everytime I finish anything that warm, the temperature spikes!

High in Palmer AK today: 34 deg.

Wanna move? ;-)

Stacie said...

that is cute! I need one about now too!!!