Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A day without cats on the internet??

Dolly says, "Oh, noes!"


Vinnie says, "No way!"


Harley says, "Meh...."


Here's the funniest cat video I've seen all week:


Steven said...

Ah Harley, the poster kitty for inertia. My hero! That video is hilarious.

Bezzie said...

I love the way video cat is so lazy he/she would rather get his/her head soaking wet instead of turn his/her head sideways to drink!

Um, you know you're outnumbered by kitties there right???

sophanne said...

That is the funniest video I've seen! Thanks- I needed a good laugh

Chris said...

Drinkin from teh fawcet - your doin it wrong!

linda the sister said...

Clearly I've lived in south Texas for too long - all I could think as I watched the video was, "I wish they'd teach the kitty to turn off the fawcett!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wondered if he could turn it off. That was so funny. Love your kitty photos too.

M.E. Greene said...

I think knitters and cat-lovers are synonymous. :) My kitty ALWAYS has to cuddle in my lap right on top of my knitting. I think he feels like he has to compete with the yarn balls (perhaps maybe they are other critters).