Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where are the pictures?

I just got back from my second conference of the month, that of the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association. This is my "old" chapter, the one that I belonged to (geographically) all those years I lived in Texas. My "new" chapter, the Midwest Chapter, is great, but going to SCC is like spending 4 days with 200 of my closest friends -- I've know some of them since I attended my first meeting in 1986, on a student scholarship, and some of them I've only know a year or two, but they're like family.

So I love these people -- but I didn't really take any pictures of them! Indeed, most of the pictures are of Van the Armadillo, who visited us from the Tulsa Zoo.

Van the Armadillo
More pics of Van here - I actually have a flickr tag for armadillos!

Our closing party (a very elegant sit-down dinner, with dancing, which is always amusing, considering the women:men ratio) was at the Philbrook Museum of Art, which is in a gorgeous mansion.

Philbrook Museum

Philbrook Museum
More pictures of the gardens here.

There was knitting, too. In fact, there were several knitters in attendance, and some went out on a mini-yarn crawl. I didn't go - instead, I went with about 35 people to a Thai restaurant -- much less expensive!

Hedgerow Sock #1
Hedgerow Socks, in Malabrigo Sock Yarn in the Persia colorway, which is actually much more blue and not at all brown. Stupid light....


Bezzie said...

That armadillo is too damn cute!

Looks like a pretty decent biz trip!

Chris said...

Oh, wow, those gardens are stunning! *admires greenness* (It's sleeting here.)

Steven said...

Oh yes, the dancing was amusing. I had fun! Good for you for avoiding the urge to spend bucks on yarn. And it was really great to see you again!

Rebekah said...

That mansion is amazing. I've always wanted to play in a "formal" garden. Some day I'm going to make it to Europe and have fun in garden mazes for a month or two.