Monday, July 19, 2010

But wait - there's more!

(I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post -- I think about posting all the time!)

From a couple of the comments to the last post, I think some of you are under the impression that I've got a lot of WIPs going. And you're right, because there are even more!

For example, there's my Boneyard Shawl. This is truly mindless knitting and great for conference and group settings. It's destined to be my work shawl, taking the place of the ugly store-bought woven shawl that I've worn at work for years. I'm making it from two skeins of Malabrigo Sock (in Stonechat), so it will be good-sized and cozy.

I need to take another picture - it's much larger than this now!

There's also Stonewall, yet another beautiful Anne Hansen design that I'm knitting out of an equally gorgeous merino-tencel sock yarn by Jessie. I really want to get this done by winter - I need a new scarf!

Again, it's bigger than this now!

There's Feather Duster, which is perfect for this Kidsilk Haze in Candy Girl. Knitting with KSH drives me nuts, but it's so pretty!

very pink Feather Duster shawl

And finally, over the weekend I pulled out my Hedera Socks. I'm just starting the second one. I started this pair so long ago that it was before I figured out that I need to knit socks a little smaller than it seems, so the first one is a little big. And even though I've seen lots of beautiful Hederas, I'm not so sure about this slightly busy Blue Moon Socks that Rock (Medium) in Gypsum.


So you see why it takes me so long to finish anything! Lately, I've been fairly faithful to the baby blanket, Larkin, to make sure I get it done before the baby arrives in October.


Mary Lou said...

I think I sense a color theme. You are a busy little non monogomous knitter, aren't you?

Chris said...

Why does that title leave me waiting for the ginsu knife offer? ;)

I like how well the Boneyard Shawl and Hedra Socks coordinate with each other.

Steven said...

My head is spinning! And I can't believe you've never knit yourself a shawl for at work! You're using a store-bought one now? Really? Get to knitting! ;-)

Janelle said...

I think using Malabrigo Sock for a shawl is way better than using it for a sock. I DO love the way they dye, but that yarn base just isn't ideal for socks!