Monday, January 16, 2006


I have to admit that, although I knew about blogs and read a few news/politics blogs frequently, I didn't know about knitting blogs until last spring. Once I discovered them, I was hooked. And the first follow-the-crowd pattern I saw was Clapotis. I was completely enchanted and had to make one of my own. Since I couldn't afford Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb, I used Southwest Trading's Bamboo in azu, which I ordered from what was then KnitPixie.

ClapotisI loved the pattern--not too hard, but not totally mindless, either--and I adored the yarn, but I wasn't thrilled with the two together. I might have been happier if I had used needles a size smaller, since the resultant fabric just seemed to loose or something. (I think I used US8's, but they might have been US9's.) Knitting with Bamboo was great. It's cool to the touch and easy to work with: the perfect yarn for San Antonio summers! But my next Clapotis will be knit out of some gorgeous Brooks Farm Duet that I bought last November at Kid'n'Ewe in Boerne.

You won't find the gorgeous melange of reds that I bought on the Brooks Farm website, although it's similar to the Cinnamon colorway. The colors they sell at shows are unique, so you have to buy enough of it! Here's my attempt to photograph this beautiful (I've used gorgeous too many times already!) mohair/wool blend. The colors are deeper and not as pink--not that there's anything wrong with pink, of course!

Brooks Farm Duet

Next up: My many WIPs.

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Anonymous said...

Get Out! I was at Kid 'n Ewe also! I tried to find some Brooks Farm that I loved, but none of them worked for me that weekend. They told me they were low on stock, so I'll have to go the website route someday or get it at another show. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!