Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Knitting and Frogging

Or maybe that should be "frogging and knitting." Here's the (blurry) re-beginning of the Seraphim Shawl.
Seraphim Shawl beginnings
I was about 2/3 of the way through the first section, but so many of the yarn-overs looked sloppy, and a couple of them were really hideous, beyond what I could hope to fix in blocking. So this morning, aided by a fit of PMS, I frogged the whole thing.

Sixth Sense Sock + cuffAnd here's the first Sixth Sense Sock and the cuff (the hardest part) of the second. This will be my knitting next week during my Phoenix trip -- although I think I'll probably take the shawl, too. Colorwise, this is probably the best depiction of this pretty Koigu that I've managed.

And, finally, my latest project:
Laptop case
You may be thinking, "Oh, my god! What is it???" It's going to be the felted laptop sleeve from IK (and from AlterKnits). It's Lamb's Pride, in Lotus (bright) pink, RPM (light) pink, and Purple. These colors are off; however, even if they were "on," it would still be mighty bright. The felting should tone it down a bit, and besides, I love the idea of a pink and purple laptop sleeve! I'm really looking forward to finishing this, but won't take it to the conference next week - it's a little bulky to drag around, plus the unfelted colors might shock some of my colleagues!

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