Friday, May 05, 2006

Storm Damage

UPDATE: My sister, brother-in-law, and boss came over this afternoon and helped me pull the patio cover down. Actually, the guys did most of the work -- I just pulled on an extension cord we were using for a rope when they told me to, and the whole thing fell over. And my sister missed the whole thing because she was in the house taking a phone call. We also pushed the shed to one side, so if a big gust of wind comes up, it won't smash into my bedroom window.


We had a big storm last night - 4 and a half inches of rain in my backyard, with wind and hail. Wind came across the currently-empty lots behind my house, knocked down part of my fence and....

yes, that's my shed, upside down. It landed about 4 feet from my bedroom window. It looks like it was just picked up and flipped over. The weird thing is that the contents of the shed are mostly intact, although very, very wet.

My patio cover is also about half down. It's supposed to rain more later today; I hope I can get the patio cover down before it storms again - I don't want it coming through my windows into the living room!

You can see more pictures, including the contents of my shed, just sitting there shed-less, here.

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