Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pretty things

Are y'all familiar with Heather's Twisted Lily jewelry? I have a pair of her leaf earrings, and bought a pair for my sister, too. Around Valentine's Day, she offered a special necklace called Nora. Of course, I didn't decide that I wanted to buy myself one until after Valentine's Day. And I needed the "chain" to be a little longer. But all it took was an email to Heather and I have one!

Sorry for the blurry picture.

Heather's packaging is just about as nice as the jewelry and comes with candy -- Creme Savers, which I managed to crop out of the photo.


And here's something kind of pretty: a finished Black Purl sock, and the beginning -- the cuff ruffle -- of the second sock.

one finished ruffled sock
Boy, are my feet big!

Speaking of feet -- La has asked us to post pictures of cute toes. She calls it DeFeet of Cuteness. So here are Harley Girl's absolutely adorable two-toned toes and Simon's more manly feet. And yes, Simon is holding a knitting needle.....

harleytoesSimon feet

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