Friday, March 30, 2007

Shiny Things, and the Interview Meme

Remember when La asked us all to post pictures of DeFeet of Cuteness? Well, I posted Harley and Simon's toes, not realizing that La had once had a tortie/tuxedo set, too. Just because of that, I won a prize! Not only that, but obviously La has checked out my blog, because the stitch markers she sent have a ladybug and dragonfly theme....

stitch markers
It's hard to take a picture of such shiny pretties!

Thank you so much, La! (And thank you, Simon and Harley, for having such charming toesies!)

The Interview Meme
I'm jumping on the Interview Meme, with questions from Amy.

1. What do you feel is your biggest knitting accomplishment?

Definitely Seraphim (which my fingers always want to spell Serpahim) – it was my biggest project up to that time (and, I guess, still) and my first real lace project

2. What's a book that you disliked but everyone else seemed to "love?"

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. I’ve started it many times and recently discovered that I own two copies. I’ve read and enjoyed several other John Irving books, though.

3. What's a favorite childhood memory of yours?

Thanksgivings at my Uncle Bill’s, with the crazy side of the family – my dad’s 8 siblings and my approximately 30 first cousins.

4. What will you miss the most about San Antonio?

My sister, followed closely by green chicken enchiladas. And my knitters.

5. What are three products that you absolutely love
  • Vanilla Spice Body Butter from The Body Shop (available only at Christmas time, so I have a stash!)
  • Jam Session lipstick by Origins
  • Gerber Chicken baby food (the only way I can get Simon to take his meds!)
Wanna play? Leave me a comment and I'll send you some questions!

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