Sunday, August 30, 2009


  • I was looking forward to wearing my new Buttercup to knitting at Home Ec Saturday morning, but it was a little chilly, so I wore Daedelus instead.
  • We've had a chilly summer, in fact. I hate to complain about it, considering what my friends and family in Texas have had this summer, but I worry that, if it's getting down into the 40s in late August, what's it going to be like in December?
  • I had some bananas on the counter, so I made these muffins this morning. Wow - talk about yum! (I used regular whole wheat flour, butter, and Greek yogurt.)
  • It's hard to type with a big boy kitty on my lap between me and the laptop!
  • Friday night, I cast on for my February Lady Sweater (which I think I'll call October Lady Sweater, in hopes I get it done!), using some Brooks Farm Mas Acero that I got at Stitches Midwest last September. I'm about halfway through the garter stitch bodice. I find garter stitch wildly boring, so I'm plowing through it.
Beginnings of October Lady Sweater
  • Before I cast on, I finished the first Bougainvillea sock. I started these back in February. I love the pattern and the yarn (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in cranberry), but I haven't been in much of a sock mood lately. (Weird....)
  • I've finalized my Christmas knitting plans. I think it's very do-able, and I've got the planning done much earlier than usual. Plus -- it's all being knit from stash!
  • Gotta go - almost time for Mad Men!


Steven said...

Already thinking about Christmas knitting? I'm impressed! And I too am jealous of your cool weather. Have fun with October Lady sweater. A few friends of mine have made it and they love it.

linda the sister said...

Boy kitty on your lap! Yay!

Bezzie said...

Honestly? You'll probably have a mild winter. Just wait.

Chris said...

I have the SAME concerns about fall and winter. *shivering*

M.E. Greene said...

Fellow knitter here! Just stopping by to say hello and share some bloggy love. I knit the February Lady sweater last February (how ironic)and it turned out very pretty. I made a few changes, but over all it was a fun quick knit! Enjoy working on yours.

Marie Greene,
from Permission to Unwind