Monday, August 10, 2009

It fits!

No, Buttercup (Rav link) isn't finished yet, but I did put it on waste yarn to make sure it fits -- and it does!

Buttercup - it's going to fit!
The color is off - it's really a sort of blue-grey-green.
However, this is the best I could do in my tiny downstairs bathroom.

I'm doing a little modification - I'm making it more baby-doll shape, and am doing a wider trim at the bottom, a la Hapichick. As of Saturday, there's a new version of this pattern available -- I'm not looking at it, because this one is working for me!

* * * * *

How cute is this?

* * * * *

And Denise on Clear Creek is turning destashing into a contest -- go to her blog to see! (There's sock yarn and Malabrigo!!!)


Chris said...

Oh, it looks great on you!!

That ground squirrel - brilliant.

Bezzie said...

Very nice! Too bad there was no squirrel popping out of your shower for that shot!

linda the sister said...

I don't know what "putting it on waste yarn"...but it looks super cute! And how impressed am I with your modifications! Ooh la la!

*awaiting cute sweater for b-day 2010*

Steven said...

That looks great on you. Nice work!