Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Flies!

Really, I didn't mean for it to be two weeks. But since it has been, I guess I would say that the highlights were seeing the butter cow and butter Abe at the Illinois State Fair and finishing Buttercup.

Butter Cow and Butter Abe (Illinois State Fair)

And there was a butter kitten, too.

Butter Kitten (Illinois State Fair)

There were also several butter butterflies hanging above Abe and the cow. If you look closely, at the very top of the first picture, there's something small and butter-colored. That's a butterfly!

There's been a butter cow at the Illinois State Fair every year since 1922. Can you imagine how hard it must have been to keep the cow from melting back then?

I also (almost) finished Buttercup. She's laying on top of the dryer, drying, right now, and I still need to sew in some ends. I'm pretty happy with it. I wanted to make it more of a baby doll shape, and I think I may have done that just a little too well! But it's still a cute summer top.

Buttercup - almost done!
Sorry for the lousy picture. The cats are particularly unhelpful.

Pattern: Buttercup (Ravelry link -- the only place I can find it)
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Eucalyptus. Hemp, cotton, and nylon - I loved this yarn! I'll definitely use it again.
Mods/notes: I wanted this to be a little more baby doll shaped, so I increased it a bit more to make it flare. I also did five pattern repeats at the bottom, rather than one. (I got both of these ideas from Hapichick, on Ravelry.) As I said in my notes on Ravelry -- if you're one of those people who is uncomfortable showing more than an inch below your collarbones, this isn't the top for you. While this should be obvious from the photos, I was surprised at how many people seemed surprised at how wide/deep the neckline was when they finished.

This was a great pattern, and I really enjoyed knitting it. It took me about 6 weeks, which, considering how slow I am and how little knitting time I have, was really quick!


Bezzie said...

All that butter. I wonder if the cows just roll their eyes at us for making sculpture out of their bodily fluids products?

Nice Buttercup! I like that color on you!

Chris said...

Oh, the butter kitten is great! Of course, the MN State Fair has butter sculptures, too. *shakes head at silliness*

Buttercup looks great!

Anonymous said...

Okay, you people out there... stop knitting these insanely cute sweaters that I now NEEEED to make. Hmph.
Another one into the queue... (I wonder if this would work in Silky Wool, since I HAVE that on hand...)

Jody said...

That sweater is adorable. All of that butter makes me long for homemade biscuits.