Thursday, July 20, 2006

Actual Knitting Content

(Sorry -- edited to fix the url to Chris's blog!)

I shouldn't be blogging - I have work to do. But I thought you might want to see some actual knitting.

I have four items on the needles. Well, on the ACTIVE needles. Here we have a two patterns from Mason Dixon Knits (because you haven't seen these before!). On the left there's another warshrag and on the right a pretty pink and lavender bib.

Dishcloth and bib
I have no use for a bib. I just have this desire to see Simon wearing one, like Chaos does!

I also have two shawls on the needles -- the giant novelty-yarn garter stitch one, which is so boring that I can only work on it at SnB, and Seraphim, which I'm afraid has been a little neglected since I started the second chart. I may be procrastinating because I need to put in a lifeline soon.

And finally -- Harley doesn't like to have her picture made, but a couple nights ago she let me take her picture.


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