Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Warshrag and a Meme

Warshrag in waiting
Warshrag in use

In my excitement over Simon's bib, I forgot to post a picture of my second finished MDK warshrag. I love the red/orange/hot pink combination!

And, just so you'll know that I don't have "precious handknits syndrome," here's my first warshrag in its natural habitat, draped over the faucet in the kitchen sink.

And Julia tagged me for this meme:

5 Things always in my purse:
  • sunglasses (this is South Texas, after all)
  • wallet
  • cell phone
  • Origin's "Jam Session" lipstick
  • my thumb/pen/flash drive
5 Things always in my wallet:
  • Driver's license
  • ATM card
  • American Express card (in case there's nothing to get out of the ATM!)
  • old receipts
  • San Antonio Public Library card
5 Things always in my refrigerator:
  • Tropicana Homestyle oj
  • Diet Coke
  • an open bottle of white wine
  • a bag of spinach
  • apricot preserves
5 Things always in my closet:
  • dozens of pairs of shoes
  • towels (I don't have a linen closet)
  • extra Q-tips (see above)
  • some clothes that don't fit
  • if the door's been open more than 30 seconds, at least one cat
5 Things always in my car:
  • insurance card
  • my gym bag
  • pen
  • phone charger
  • thingy that makes my iPod play through the radio
5 Things always on my desk:
(I don't really have a desk at home, so this would be at work)
  • this morning's coffee
  • sticky notes with phone numbers on them
  • several automatic pencils
  • a stack of professional reading
  • my computer

5 People to tag: (all San Antonio knit bloggers)

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