Monday, June 04, 2007

Still here (in Iowa, that is)

FINALLY, after two weeks in Iowa, I have wireless internet at my house. As painful as getting the internet/cable TV/phone has been (and I'll spare you the gory details), everything else about this move has gone well. My mom has driven over twice to help with the unpacking and I drove home this weekend. It's an easy drive, a little more than three hours, and it's nice to be that close.

Last Tuesday was my first day at work, and so far, so good! Tomorrow, I go to the full-day new employee orientation. I believe there will be sock knitting accomplished. Also, I'll get my cheap bus pass, which will be great - no more digging for quarters every morning and evening. Parking is pretty awful on campus, and the bus picks me up about a block from home and lets me off right outside the library, so I'm going to try public transportation for a while. Another chance for sock knitting!

Speaking of socks, I finished the Yellowstone socks, and have started a pair of plain stockinette. Photos tomorrow, I promise. And, the return of regular blog posts!

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