Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Knitter Down!

Having just recovered from equipment failure, I have now injured one of my knitting fingers. I'll just have to suck it up and carry on for Team DPN and the USA Sock Team.

Last night after work, I raced to the Yarn Barn (the only place in SA where you know you'll be able to find DPNs) to get another set of size 1 DPNs to replace my broken set. I even called to make sure they would be open, and Bobbie said she'd stay open for me, if necessary. I got there in spite of rush-hour traffics and bought a set of plastic size 1s. Although I love the look and feel of bamboo DPNs, when they're the size of long toothpicks, they break so easily. The plastics don't seem as pointy, but I don't think they'll break.

Then, earlier this evening, while taking a pan of cookies out of the oven, I burned my left index finger. It's down near the knuckle (the one by my hand) so I don't think it will interfere seriously, but it's already blistered.

In true Olympic spirit, though, I'll work though this and carry on. After all, I have this luscious Koigu to convert into socks in 16 days!



Susan said...

Okay, here's some Zimmerman to inspire you; "Knit on through, uh, pudding and burned fingers. Go Team!"

Anonymous said...

This is what Team USA is all about! You're an inspiration to us all! I can't wait to see your coach carry you to the medal podium!

Ok, that maybe goes too far. ;)

Kim said...

Now you know what it feels like to be a true Olympian. Ummm, if Keri Strug can get a gold medal on a broken ankle...

Seriously, hope your finger is better soon. Have a couple of cookies and a glass of wine to get through the pain.