Friday, February 17, 2006

A Turned Heel and a Turning Swift

(Sorry about the blurry picture. My camera wanted to focus on the computer in the background and I was too lazy to get out of the bottom-shaped nest of my knitting chair.)

So the heel is turned, although not without some problems. In fact, I had to rip back twice - once when I dropped two stitches, one of which had been a slip-slip-knit the row before, and once when I realized my heel wasn't centered.

The dropped stitches were definitely my fault, and all the more annoying because I couldn't figure out how to put them back together again. I don't think the centering of the heel was my fault, although I can't believe that a pattern that's been up on Knitty for three years would have a mistake in it. Maybe everyone else who knitted Crusoe was a more experienced sock-knitter than me and just charged through the heel without paying much attention to the pattern. Oh, well......

Other knitting news: I finally realized that I would never be able to convince Simon to hold a skein around his paws while I wound it, so I ordered a swift from eBay. Although my brother buys everything from eBay (well, from eBay or WalMart), I had never bought anything before. I took part in a swift auction earlier in the week, but I got outbid at the last minute. Silly job - kept me from monitoring my auction! This time, the bid was at $36 (a good deal) from Tuesday until about 5:00 this evening. Then, just before the auction was about to close, bidding suddenly started up again, and I ended up paying $51.50. Kind of annoying, since sometime this afternoon, the seller put up more swifts with a 'buy it now' price of $49.99! Another oh, well..... I really need a swift and I really wanted a wooden one that I could screw on to my coffee table edge. I found a beautiful handmade table top model, but was afraid my wild ball-winding might pull it off the table!

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