Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Miscellaneous Mostly Non-Knitting Stuff

  • Since not quite finishing my socks, I've gone back to working on the baby jeans. So far, there's about a quarter of a leg (the second one) done. It doesn't look like much, though, so no picture.
  • If you took part in the Knitting Olympics, did you see the certificate you can print out for yourself? It's available even for those of us who didn't finish.
  • My sister Linda, friend Jody, and I went to see the movie Ballets Russes tonight. If you ever went through a 'ballerina' phase, and especially, I would guess, if you read ballerina biographies during that phase, you'll really enjoy this movie. It's a documentary featuring dancers who performed in the competing Ballets Russes in the 1930s through 1960s. These dancers are in their 70s and 80s now, and are absolutely charming.
  • Yes, I missed Stich'n'Bitch Tuesday night knitting group to see the movie. Even more surprising, I also missed watching my boys from Illinois beat Minnesota on ESPN.
  • And to distract you from this really lame post, a gratuitous kitty shot:
Harley says, "That camera really scares me!"

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