Monday, February 13, 2006


So there has been a little more sock progress. I'm really happy with it, although I'm not sure it will fit my German farmgirl ankles. Of course, my first pair of socks looked small on the needles, too, and they're too big. I'll wait until I turn the heel, then slip them on. If the ankle is too tight, I'll just call Mom and have her measure her foot. They'll fit her - I inherited these ankles from Dad's family, not from Mom.

I really like the yarn, even though I guess it's pooling a bit. But isn't it pretty? I'm not really liking the plastic needles, although I'm not switching needles in mid-project!

I'm in the midst of joining the Librarian Knitters ring - the button's over there, but I'm not official yet. Although I said this blog isn't about work, it's interesting that today, the day after I joined the Librarian Knitters, I feel like posting something work-related. It's sad news, though.

I work at an academic health sciences center - we have medical, dental, nursing, and allied health schools, and a graduate school of biomedical sciences. We're a young institution, founded as a medical school in 1965. The library has only had three directors. The first director, Dr. David Kronick, retired just months before I joined the staff in November 1984. After his retirement, he and his wife continued to visit the library frequently, and he continued doing his research on the history of scientific serials. He was quite prolific in the field, writing several books and over 30 articles.

Dr. Kronick passed away yesterday. He was 88, but until a few months ago, he still came to the library regularly to do research. I only knew him in his retirement, and he was very mellow and happy - apparently not the way he always was as director! I guess he had reached a point where he was more content to use the library, not to run it, although he was always interested in what we were doing and changes we were making. We'll miss you, Dr. Kronick.

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