Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Tale of Two Socks

They're like Mama and Papa socks, aren't they? Or maybe little sister/big sister! If you've missed the ongoing tale about why these socks are different sizes, go here -- I don't want to explain it all again! I'm going to knit about another half-inch on the right sock, then declare my Olympic event finished, but without a medal. I'm going to wait and let Mom try on both next month, then I'll finish two of the same (correct) size. I'm sure the smaller sock will be too small, but I'm afraid the larger may be baggy around the ankle. I envision frogging them both, and reknitting them on size 2s!

The funny thing is, no matter how hard it was knitting these on teeny size 1s, I think the smaller sock is much prettier, although there is less pooling on the size 3 needle sock. But - I like the pooling!

Harley was laying on the floor in front of the TV this evening, being cute. Luckily, my camera was right next to my chair, and I was able to take several cute pictures. Here's my favorite, in spite of the glowing eyes!

Stretchy Harley

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