Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pretty Stuff!

I've had non-yarn stash enhancement today. In fact, I would say my knitting book stash is bigger, in relative terms, than my yarn stash.

Despite the issues I've had with my Olympic socks, I like knitting them - so useful, so pretty, so quick (when things go right, that is). So I ordered Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks from Amazon. And because that wasn't enough for free shipping, I also ordered the First Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel. I was inspired by Grumperina's Azalea. I love this book, though. The photos, showing lace doilies and antimacassars, remind me of my Grandma's house. And lace curtains! I've been thinking I need sheers in the living room, since they're building houses in the previously-empty lot behind me. I wonder how long it would take me to knit them? (Don't answer that!)

And then, since I was still about a dollar short of free shipping, I added the John Legend CD. I don't really buy much current music, and what I do, I generally download one song at a time from iTunes. But I really like John Legend, so I bought the CD. Besides, maybe it will change those suggestions that Amazon makes - right now, it's mostly knitting books!

And the Green & Black's? That's not from Amazon - I picked it up at Target, but it's so special, I thought you'd want to see it!

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