Friday, February 03, 2006


This has been such a week, and not in a good way. There has been very little knitting going on, although I have made some progress on the baby jeans. So far, not much to see, though. So, as a distraction, look at this:

pink cables

What is it? It's my oldest WIP, a cabled pink mohair shawl from the Winter 2002 issue of Knitter's. I began it around Thanksgiving 2004 and, although I really like it (in spite of someone comparing the color to pepto-bismol), it's got to be quite chilly for me to work on it. I tend to be cold by nature, but this has been a warm South Texas winter, so I haven't made much progress. I'll finish it eventually, since it combines three of my favorite things - pink, cables, and mohair!

Despite my lack of knitting this week, I've still managed to read blogs,and I joined Team DPN for the Knitting Olympics. I'm not sure why I've become such a joiner - it must be the buttons!

And finally - I had much help with this post. Simon has been laying between me and the iBook and has twice managed to delete all or part of this post!


Susan said...

The shawl is beautiful!

Kim said...

I don't think it looks like Pepto. It really is pretty.

Dale Prince said...

ignore anyone who says it doesn't look like pepto. Nevertheless, it's pretty.

i'm trying to think of an excuse for not knitting for all of january. maybe it's the warmth.