Monday, June 19, 2006

Socks and a Meme

lucky stripe sock
Ewwwww! Google Analytics says that someone found my site by searching "porn and socks." I'm trying not to think about it.....

Of course, maybe this is what they had in mind -- the cuff of a Jaywalker in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Lucky Stripe. Certainly a sock, and what could be more yarn porn than Lorna's Laces? The colors are really a sort of corally-rose and citrus orange. And I'm make the larger size that Grumperina has posted, since my feet are big and my ankles, at least recently, are on the fluffy side.

Susan tagged me for this meme:
Is there a song that you hear on the radio or from an old CD that immediately carts you off to a summer of your past, either way far away or pretty recent? One where you can hear the first few notes and feel the emotions you felt on the day the memory was happening? Then post an account of the memory along with the song's lyrics.

Like Susan, there's an entire album -- actually, it was a tape -- that does this (so I won't be posting the lyrics!). And like Susan, I was a newlywed, married less than 2 years. In the spring of 1982, my now-ex-husband and I were stationed in Germany, just outside of Nuernberg (don't know how to do the umlaut over the u, so I'll do the ue -- the English spelling "Nuremberg" really annoys me.). We had just bought our first brand-new car, a silver Volvo sedan -- and it had a sunroof! It seems like every evening that summer, we cruised the countryside -- the autobahn and backroads alike -- in the Volvo, sunroof open, and playing the soundtrack to the movie, "Grease." I don't know why we were so fixated on that album, but I do know that when we got divorced, 8 years later, the only things we really argued about was custody of the cats and who got the "Grease" tape. In the end, I got the cats, and he got the tape, but now I think I need to buy myself the CD!

So -- what about you? Is there a song or album that just screams "summer!" for you? I'm going to tag Kim, Amanda (look at her gorgeous new Clapotis!), and Marisa, a.k.a. Imbrium.

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