Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Close Up

Since I am one of the world's slowest knitters, Honeybee is slow-going. But it is going and by the end of the weekend, I hope to have some significant progress to show you. In the meantime....

Jenkins needles

These are the Jenkins Woodworking Bolivian rosewood needles (US size 5) that I ordered especially for this project. Are they gorgeous? And so pointy!

stitch marker

This is one of a set of 21 stitch markers I picked up at Needleworks. I have no idea who made them -- they were just on the accessories rack with all the Clover stuff, although I don't think they're Clover (but did I save the package???). I believe the entire set cost $12. Twenty look like this one, and one has a little pearl instead of the pink/purple "jewel."


And this is the Beehive section of Honeybee, up close. I've got half of one repeat (10 more rows) to go before I move onto the Bee Swarm section.


Harley's good at helping.....


Anonymous said...

Sweet Harley girl! Schuster, who is on my lap impeding my typing, says, "STAY OVER THERE AWAY FROM ME!! GRRRR!!!"

Honeybee is gorgeous so far! Pretty pretty colors in the yarn and pretty pretty pattern!

Bezzie said...

Harley's like "I'll warm up this part of the couch for you mom. Just don't expect me to move when you want to sit down."

I love the colors of your Honeybee--that pink makes it almost sparkle.

Amysatx said...

I see Harley went to the same "School of Helping" that Sophie did! 2 more entries left-we can do it!!

Chris said...

Harley could be "helping" in much worse ways... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Harley - I'd love to come and snuggle with you.

Beautiful projects your working on, love the colors.